333 is the new 22 emerged as a fitting title for my blog because my desire to write coincided with a time in my life when repeated patterns of numbers would suddenly emerge EVERYWHERE.  After a good few months of seeing 22 everywhere, not to be outdone, 333 suddenly made an appearance.  This kind of lovely sign from the universe is by no means unique and I’d love to hear more about other people’s experiences with numbers appearing and what they mean.

My blog started because I just wanted to write and share. However, it has emerged into a blog where I share stories of abuse: at the age of 22 I was raped at work by a Senior Manager over the course of 6 months.  Maybe the universe is trying to tell me that when I’m 333 I’ll get over it, eh?

More recently had the misfortune to go through some more abuse, this time emotional, physical, psychological and financial abuse, from my ex-husband.  It has taken me a long time to process and understand all of this abuse and to be able to talk about it openly.

I hope that by sharing my story, others will come to a fuller understanding about the nature of abuse, and how hidden and complex it can be, and frequently, how others struggle to understand abuse, its dynamics and devastation.

Shine your light brightly in the world.  Speak of truth, love and hope.