Fight Valiantly – In The War Against Abuse

I don’t think I’ve ever quoted the Bible (!) and the last time I prayed, the sum total of that prayer was: “God, are you even there?”

Nothing about me wants to push religion onto others, and I understand that each and every person has their own relationship with religion and belief, however, as I finished my last post and contemplate taking a stand against abuse by requesting zero contact from my ex-husband’s wife, the following words suddenly and strongly appeared in my mind from the Church of England Christening service:

Fight valiantly under the banner of Christ against sin, the world, and evil,
and remain faithful to Christ to the end of your life.
May Almighty God deliver you from the powers of darkness,
Restore you in the image of his glory, and lead you in the light and obedience of Christ.

As I read them back, those words feel healing to me right now in moving forward in my own fight against ongoing abuse. Perhaps they feel right to you too.

The fight against abuse is a difficult one but it is one we can fight together with understanding, knowledge, empowerment and remembrance of ourselves as worthy, wonderful human beings.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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