Peppa Pig is a WHAT did you say?

My 7 year old daughter one day randomly started talking about Peppa Pig.  No harm in that, you think.  “Daddy doesn’t like Peppa Pig” she said, earnestly.

“Er, ok”, I say, wondering where this is going.  “How come?”

“He says she’s a bitch” says my little girl.


I do a really bad job of trying not to look too shocked. My mind’s like, it’s a frigging cartoon, you weirdo, why would you call her a bitch, let alone say it to our daughter?!

She continues…

He calls her another word.  It starts with a N.  He says she’s a “N____ bitch”.

Erm, “naughty?” I offer, and she says “No, not that.”

“Nasty?  Numpty?  Nincompoop?” I grapple with some ideas and I’m desperately wondering what Peppa Pig could possibly have done wrong….

She stops me and says “it’s a long word that means she loves herself”.

The word comes out of my mouth before I know what’s happening….

“Narcissistic?” I offer, perplexed.

“YES! That’s it!” she says.

And I’m agog.

Because truly, my ex husband has told our 7 year old daughter that Peppa Pig is a narcissistic bitch.

I’m sure the word narcissistic wasn’t in his vocabulary when we were together. Perhaps he’s learnt it from his new wife.  It was a policeman that first introduced me to the word narcissistic when he was talking about my ex husband, trying to explain his behaviour as I sat and cried hysterically at the ongoing traumatic abuse I was suffering.

Seems like he has also learnt the word in the recent past. I know abusers have issues with projection, but really, projecting it onto a cartoon?

How to pick this one apart?  And should I even bother?

But what is my daughter to make of this? And how can I fill my own head with how to even begin dealing with this absurdity?

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