Living with a Narcissist

You’re beautiful, so he’s going to point out your little imperfections

You can still light up a room, so he needs to find a way to keep you at home

Your smile is amazing, that’s why he wiped it off your face

Your personality is contagious, so he wanted that too

You’re smarter than he is, so it’s important that he makes you appear stupid

Any man would be lucky to have you, so he needs you to believe that nobody else would want you

He chose you, because you really are an amazing woman

That is who you are

You have so much to offer

Please I beg you, not to feel so bad

Leave, just leave him

You won’t look back

He doesn’t love you – but remember, it’s because he’s not capable of loving himself


Adapted from something I read on Twitter this morning 


  1. why do so many crappy posts about narcissism automatically assume that the male in a romantic relationship is the one who is a narcissist? Having studied this topic for over ten years, it’s pretty clear that WOMEN are generally showing higher rates of narcissistic behaviors.


    1. Well in my case I did live with a narcissist who happened to be male. There’s no denying that. If you’re saying my out is crappy then I’m sorry you feel that way. Clearly narcissism can happen in both genders,but in telling my story I can’t make my ex husband a woman. It’s taken me years to find the strength to tell my story and I’m still processing it all.


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