Pointless: A poem about Point Scoring in Pointless Arguments

Dedicated to my ex husband who taught me that arguments are confusing, difficult, heartbreaking and come with no resolution.


“I’m not point scoring but”

I’d hear him say

Letting himself off the hook

Before point scoring

Confusing and boring


Those old hurts you nurse

Just make you feel worse

Keeping that score

Must be such a chore


And now she says it too

“I’m not point scoring but”

What, did you learn it from him?

My abuser is her abuser

Now both of them, keeping score


Keeping your count

In the fake account

Morally wrong

And it’s gone on so long!


The unmerciful sound

Of your lies on a merry go round

Make me feel drowned

No better than bullies in the playground


Incubated in your memory

Doling out your penalty

Points added up

Pitted against me


The old hurts you nurse

Make you feel worse

Keeping that score

Oh please, no more!


I’d like to know who’s keeping your score?

Is it God or is it the Law?

Who is this Phantom Judge?

Awaiting your nudge

You wait to be crowned winner

Casting me as the sinner


The games you play are in your mind

The only real game we’re all playing

I think you’ll find

Is the only one that matters – this game of life


In this life that we’ve shared

There’ll be no winner declared

Final outcome, always the same

You, me and everyone else

The only score to be settled

Will be with yourself


There’s really no point in keeping score

In your own invented pointless war

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