Narcissistic Abuse Awareness Day

My fabulous niece called me during the day today and told me that it was Narcissictic Abuse Day.  What a fantastic thing to have a DAY for!

This is a subject very close to my heart having lived through – and just about survived – 2 abusive relationships.

If you do 1 thing today, please look into what narcissistic abuse is. It was a policeman who first mentioned the phrase to me. I will forever be grateful for his comment, because awareness and understanding is the first step in being able to actually get proper help.

Here is the link that you need

Quite simply, if my situation wasn’t so utterly fucked up, I could share more of my story.  Perhaps one day I will.


If MY wounds were visible, then 2 criminals, yes criminals, would have done time in prison for what they did to me. In reality, they are both walking free, continuing to inflict their abuse. I am free, but there is little joy in that when I know that they are free to abuse others. Without help, they cannot change. Abuse stems from narcissistic personality disorder. Whilst there is help out there to help support and heal the victims of abuse (and this is VITAL), change will only be possible when abusers recognise and admit their own issues and get help to change their behaviour.

My niece, well she did a Facebook Live video this evening on this very topic. I have the utmost respect and admiration for her. You can see her video here.

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