Master Number 22

Perhaps one of the best things I have found about getting older (there are some, I promise), is knowing myself. Being able to admit where I’m different, and celebrating that rather than thinking I’m an oddball and going to great lengths to hide the fact.  One thing I’ve noticed about the patterns in my life is that things work out best when I act upon a sudden impulse or insight. That’s just the way it is with me. The converse of this is overthinking, leading to crippling self-doubt and inaction.

In the middle of March 2017 I suddenly started seeing the number 22 everywhere.  Like honestly, everywhere.  I’d never looked into numerology whatsoever, which is strange as I have a very pattern and number oriented mind, so I looked up what’s the meaning of seeing 22 and I thought I’d have a look at my online numerology reading. All you do is enter your name and date of birth into a website and get a number (you can calculate it yourself easily enough too).

The result: You are a Master Number 22.

Come again?  MASTER number? I know the cynical part of my brain took over next because my initial reaction was to smirk and imagine Yoda.  Never even heard of this master number thing, but come to think of it, I’ve always been on the trail of seeing 11’s everywhere (forever) and lately there are either 11’s with 4’s which I took to be some strange coincidence since my birthday is 11th April, then lately I’m seeing 22’s all over.  Like on lampposts and boxes and online.  This is totally bizarre but I can’t tell you the amount of times I have been the 22nd person (or 222nd!) to like a post on Facebook and my friends have been active on messenger 22 minutes ago and this post I like has 22 comments. It’s getting a bit daft really.

And without fail I ALWAYS look at the clock at 22:22 then eventually fall asleep around 11:04. I can’t tell you how long this has been going on, it’s just a feature now and one I believed is likely perpetuated by the habits of my body clock.  So to learn that the Master number 22 was a vibration of 11 and 4 was a bit of a shocker!  Of course 22 is the double of 11 and 2 + 2 = 4. There you go!

Turns out 22 is my Life Path and also my Soul Urge number.  I love the idea of having a soul urge. Yeah, go with it!  Not quite the boring two little ducks, after all, is it?

I try to stop sniggering and taking the piss about 22 being called the Master Builder – in my head I’m shouting “Show me the bricks!” in the voice of Jerry McGuire.

Here’s the interpretation which I blatantly copied and pasted from the Token Rock website along with my reactions to reading it:

By the way if you’re bored, just skip to reading your own life path number here.

22 is considered the most powerful of all the numbers. Those with a Life Path number 22 have great spiritual understanding, and ability to apply knowledge in a practical way and achieve enormous success.

This is the number of the Master Builder and those with a 22 in their chart are able to turn your dreams into a reality. You are a great visionary (GOOD GOD YES YOU SHOULD SEE MY DREAMS) and have the intuitive insights of the 11 combined with the practical nature of the 4 (11 AND 4 I’M RIGHT WITH YOU BIRTHDAY FRIENDS!). If not practical, someone with this number can waste their potential (UH-OH). This individuals’ goals are outside of their personal self as this person strives to serve the greater good of humanity. (THIS IS SO RIGHT – ONCE I WOKE UP TO THIS MY LIFE BECAME BEARABLE, THEN BETTER, THEN GREAT).

The downside of those with a Life Path number 22 would stem from the Challenges for someone with this number in being overwhelmed by their own potential (TERRIFIED), and fear of failure (MORE THAN I CARE TO ADMIT) and although they can be determined, they may at times seem dictatorial, insensitive, and overbearing. (OH SHIT, REALLY?)

It can take someone with this number well into their adulthood before they manifest their dreams because they have to go through trials (BUT SERIOUSLY, HOW MANY THOUGH?), and learning experiences before they mature enough to incorporate their true calling in their life. I KNOW I’M CAPITALISING MY PISS TAKE, BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME, THE WEIGHT OF THE MESSAGE IS SINKING IN, TOO.

Those following Life Path of 22 are called master teachers (ON ANOTHER WEBSITE IT CALLS THE 33’S THE MASTER TEACHERS, I’M THE BUILDER, REMEMBER? ANYWAY, SAYS WHOM I’D LIKE TO KNOW?) and as mentioned they are the most powerful of the life path numbers, endowed with many powers (YAAH!) and a unique talent for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality. Below are some key points you might want to take into consideration to help you on your path.

Your thoughts have incredible power, so be careful what you focus on, because it will more than likely appear in your life, whether you like it or not. You are a classic case of “be careful what you wish for.” GET THAT MINDSET ON TRACK, GIRL!

Don’t let yourself become obsessed with the ease of acquiring “stuff.” BELIEVE ME, I WON’T!  I’M THE LEAST MATERIALISTIC PERSON EVER.  Part of your lesson is to put your effort into the things that matter. You may also have to learn how to let go of the things that don’t matter.

Keep yourself organized. You will make yourself crazy if you don’t. Have a place for everything. That goes for your bookkeeping, as well. THAT IS SO TRUE. MY LIFE IS RUBBISH WHEN DISORGANISED.

It’s not easy to go through life thinking of yourself as a teacher UNLESS YOU ARE ONE, (I AM A QUALIFIED TEACHER BUT CURRENTLY RUN A BUSINESS). You are one, whether you like it or not. I KNOW! You will influence people just by being around them. WOAH, SERIOUSLY? YOU THINK SO?  You are not teaching behaviour or something concrete. Teach peace of mind and contentment in the present. Teach by example… I DO TRY. AND I WILL TRY.

It’s strange to contemplate that the age 22 was a difficult one for me. My very own annus horribilis. And one life event happened that changed my life, when I was 22.  I changed my whole perspective at this age, my entire orientation just did an about turn.  I became more outward focussed, more grateful (literally grateful for my life).

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